lunedì 2 giugno 2014


Sorry guys, I'm literally packed up with commissions and work!
I'll start to post again very soon.


venerdì 23 maggio 2014

Craftsy mini classes - FREE!

Are you looking to take your crafting to the next level, or perhaps branch out and learn a new skill, but aren't sure where to get started? 
Check out the Craftsy Free Classes, mini classes that allow you to sample everything from food classes (Who couldn't use Complete Knife Skills with Brendan McDermott?), to quilting (How fun would A New Look at Longarm Quilting with Mandy Leins - FREE! be?), to photography (Seriously, Learn How To Take Professional Family Portraits with Craftsy for FREE! could only help us all.) and more! 
Just register for your Craftsy account and get started!

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

mercoledì 21 maggio 2014

Inspiration Board: Wanderlust

Busy busy week! What about you folks?
I'm getting some inspiration here and there for a new exciting ( super-secret ) project I'm working on.

San Francisco by Shansloth

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights of these pictures. Commercial use is forbidden without the consent of the owners.

venerdì 16 maggio 2014

Friday I'm in Love #4

Are you starting to feel this summer vibe already?
I hope I'll get to walk on the beach this sunday, but in the meanwhile let's have a look on this week's lovely findings, shall we?

This Fish pin by maremagnum is adorable!
( via Etsy )

( via Etsy )

( via Modcloth )

( via Forever 21 )

Knot Too Shabby Pool Float. Awesome! I want one.
( via Modcloth )

Have a nice weekend everybody!



mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Intervista su MakeitLand!

Se non avete già sentito parlare di MakeitLand, dovete provvedere subito!

Questo giovane team di appassionati dell'handmade fa proprio le cose per benino: le loro grafiche sono fresche e accattivanti, il loro stile rimane nella memoria e le loro attività organizzate si fanno ogni giorno più interessanti.

Sono stata intervistata da una di loro, Giulia di Juice for Breakfast, e l'intervista la trovate a questo link.

Etsy Craft Party : Venezia 6 giugno

Non so se ve l'avevo accennato qui sul blog, ma sono diventata da poco Rappresentante Regionale di Etsy Italia per il Friuli-Venezia Giulia! Sono lieta di annunciare che assieme al team di Etsy Italia e le nostre "etsyiane venete" abbiamo organizzato un Craft Party a Venezia!

Ci troveremo nella splendida sede della Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, a pochi passi dalla stazione FS, che ci concede gentilmente un'aula per poterci incontrare, creare, far festa assieme e conoscerci!

✏ Cos'è un Craft Party:

E' un modo per conoscere altre persone con la passione per l'handmade, incontrarsi (e magari far nascere nuove idee e collaborazioni) e fare due chiacchiere mentre si possono seguire dei mini-workshop per la realizzazione di facili progetti creativi.

Rebecca Chew for Esquire

Found on madeforkidsotis

✏ Il tema del Craft Party di quest'anno:

Il tema di quest'anno è "Recapture". Dicono che un'immagine valga più di mille parole: trovate una vecchia fotografia che vi rappresenti al meglio. La foto di vostra nonna al suo matrimonio? Le prime vacanze al mare dei vostri genitori? Una foto d'epoca trovata nella mansarda di una vecchia abitazione? Se non volete pasticciare su una foto originale, procuratevi una riproduzione o anche una semplice fotocopia: andrà benissimo! 
Quello che faremo sarà tanto semplice quanto estremamente divertente e d'effetto: ci ricameremo sopra. Provate a pensare a quanti tipi di intervento si possono realizzare con ago e filo colorato, pensate a cosa vi piacerebbe fare e portate la vostra idea.
Non andate d'accordo con ago e filo? Nessun problema: esistono i pennarelli indelebili, il collage, e altre tecniche con le quali potrete sbizzarrirvi. 

Spero di vedervi là! 


domenica 27 aprile 2014

Sunday Visual Gallery

Things I dig today and I liked this last week. Just pictures. Enjoy!

Jenna Bumgardner / Flickr

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson

Tottenham Loft - via Pinterest


found on Etsy

Tattoo by Diana Severinenko

Craft Room - via Pinterest

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

From Rome with Love - train trips and tattoos

Last time I went to Rome was almost three years ago so I was pretty excited to leave, two days ago.
I took the train in the late evening and basically slept on it ( or not-slept gosh ), to be able to spend the whole next day in our beautiful capital.

I stepped out of the train at 6:30AM of yesterday morning, in Roma Termini train station.
It was already lightly crowded and busy. With a single crutch ( my ankle is fairly better! ) I started walking and looking for a nice café to stop for a cappuccino and croissant.
I sat there for a while - near Barberini - and then I just decided to go for a walk and have at least a quick look at the main sights ( despite I knew them already ).

So this picture of the Trevi fountain is the only decent picture I took ( if you want to see my photos from 2011 go here and here ).

After a short walk I headed to the Colosseum. I took some buses to have a nice view of the city without having to walk too much and preserve my ankle from swelling.

Did I mention that Rome is pretty big? I managed to get lost while looking for the tattoo studio. 
Well, that was an experience.

( in the baloons: "I'll never get there, I'm late, I'm goin to stink aaaah!" - "Everybody's going to hate me!" )

My tattoo appointment was at 11AM at Ten Bells Tattoo. It's a very nice place, filled with strange objects and amazing prints on the walls. It's worth a visit for sure, and the people there are super friendly, so if you pass by you should definitely give it a go.
My tattooer has been Nicoz Balboa, an artist that I truly admire and I discovered last year. 
I'm very happy that I finally managed to get a tattoo from her ( well, I actually got two : one per arm ).

The stencil of the first tattoo she made on me: a Myosotis ( forget-me-not )

A dear friend - who's name is the same as mine - came directly at the studio and waited for me. 
We haven't seen each other in two years so we were awkwardly excited!

We chatted for hours and had dinner with pasta in a nice place.
Unfortunately my train was even too soon. At 10:30PM I took my train back home ( which meant another nice 9 hours trip ). This time I managed to sleep a little bit ( 4 hours, I think ) so it hasn't been bad like the first night.

Please do not mind my face here: I was filled with caffeine and I listened to Image Dragons for one hour. 

I hope my tattoos will heal pretty soon so I'll get proper pictures of them! I'm very proud of my choice and very grateful for the amazing artworks Nicoz made on me. 

Hope you're having a nice friday: 
here in Italy is national holiday ( well, not for freelancers, gh! ).